Made from a high-performance nylon resin, the Rope Clamp cinches down tightly
to grip the durable diamond-braided polypropylene rope.
The Rope Clamp is currently available in two sizes: ⅜ inch and ½ inch.


When used properly, the recommended load capacity of these products is determined by the rope that is used. The higher the load weight, the more the rope will stretch. When the load weight becomes excessive, failure occurs when the rope stretches to the point of thinning out and “slipping” through the clamp. Rope size, material, and construction properties determine the stated load ratings of these products, not the clamp or hook.

The 3/8 inch size clamp is rated up to 250 lbs and the 1/2 inch clamp is rated up to 400 lbs. These ratings are only valid when using quality rope provided from this website. We cannot and will not endorse load ratings when using any other rope due to variance in construction, strength and quality.

The clamps have five slots for locking the handle. Always pull the handle to the slot that provides the tightest cinch on the rope.



military_tentThe Rope Clamp has undergone rigorous testing by the U.S. Military, and is approved for use on cargo nets and rope support lines on military tents.

WARNING:  At no time should the safe working load be exceeded. Improper use may result in property damage or personal injury. Do not stand in line of any rope under tension since it could snap and cause serious injury. Prevent rope and hardware from coming into contact with sharp edges, hot surfaces, and chemicals. Inspect rope and hardware regularly for signs of wear, especially before each use. Discard product if it is cut, abraded, or shows any sign of wear or damage. Do not use for personal restraint, overhead lifting, or towing where personal safety and/or property damage is at risk. Wind force, vehicle speed, and shifting loads may result in failure of this product by increasing work load beyond the stated capacity and are the sole responsibility of the end user. Any and all warranties, explicit or implied, are void if product is misused, damaged, or worn.