Toughman Rope Clamp holds car together

Stacy from Midland keeps a Rope Clamp in his car for emergencies. Here’s his story:

I noticed that the right side of the “rear window hatch” on my 1994 Mercury Sable was slightly lower than the left side. On closer inspection it was apparent that the bolt holding the window to the hatch was broken. I opened the window hatch and it almost fell off. I had to secure it in so that I could drive it to a repair shop without breaking the large back window. I forced the hatch closed but was afraid that if I hit a bump it would open and rip off. Using the Rope Clamp I was able to tighten and secure the window in the closed position by looping a rope between the back windshield wiper post and the roof rack. Then I tightened the whole assembly with the Rope Clamp.

I am glad that I had the Rope Clamp in my car. It saved me from a very expensive auto repair!


Rope Clamp secures glass hatch back

Rope Clamp secures glass hatchback