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Trimming Oriental Grasses with Rope Clamp

I cut back some oriental grasses this weekend and I have included some pictures of the process from beginning to end, showing how helpful “the rope clamp” is.  The best part about the rope clamp in this process is that while you are cutting the grasses, a regular rope tied around the grasses would become […]

Rope Fastener

The Toughman Rope Clamp is a rope fastener that eliminates the need for knots, it is faster way to fasten and unfasten your rope when you are securing or tying things down.  Have you ever tried to tie or untie a knot while wearing gloves?  You can keep your gloves on and fasten faster with the Toughman […]

Toughman Rope Clamp holds car together

Stacy from Midland keeps a Rope Clamp in their car for emergencies, here’s their story: I noticed that the right side of the “rear window hatch” on my 1994 Mercury Sable was slightly lower than the left side.   On closer inspection it was apparent that the bolt holding the window to the hatch was […]

Video submission from

Our Friends over at MoabHunting are fans of the Toughman Rope Clamp and they submitted this awesome video – take a look! Notice how easy it is to use the Rope Clamp with gloves on… pretty nice when it’s freezing outside! When it comes to hanging or securing treestands or hauling firewood to the cabin…we […]